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Freshness is one of our keywords. At Mo´Joe we buy only 100% of the highest quality Arabica Coffee beans grown in the world. Only 10% of the world production of coffee is considered 'Specialty Coffee'. Of these only 1% is good enough for Mo´Joe. We roast these green beans to a very specific style of roast. It is a lot darker than most because we believe roasting the green out develops the full flavour of each coffee bean.
Since roasting is a fine art it takes years of experience and attention to the details to maintain a consistent taste. ​


There are 849 different tastes in coffee, depending on the origin, which is 4 times more than in wine. At Mo´Joe all our coffees are ground fresh daily for filter coffee. For our espresso based coffee drinks the 'Mo´Joe Espresso Roast' must be ground no longer than 1 hour to insure that each 'shot' of espresso is fresh. Espresso drinks must be prepared to very specific method of extracting the best from the coffee and leaving behind the bad or bitter tastes that most people experience from an espresso machine. At Mo´Joe we learned this art and scientific approach from the Italians. We also learned that machines are like cars not all of them are able to win the 'Grand Prix'. At Mo´Joe our espresso machine, the La Marzocco built in Florence, is the only machine that can be fine tuned enough to meet our high standards.​


The keys to making a good cup of coffee are:

  • The beans (must be 100% Arabica)
  • The roast (must develop each bean to its full potential, roasting all the green out)
  • The grind (each coffee maker requires a different grind and this is critical to flavour)
  • The water must be filtered (98% of a cup of coffee is water)
  • The amount of water (if too much the bad taste comes through - if too little, there is not enough coffee flavour)
  • The amount of coffee used (2 tea spoonful per cup for filtered coffee and 7 grams for 3cl of espresso)
  • The temperature of the water (different roast styles requires different temperatures for extracting the best flavour of the coffee - we use very sophisticated equipment to check that the temperature is exact


It is no mystery why people add so much sugar to their coffee drinks. The preparation is so poor and machines are so dirty that sugar sweetens up the flavour dramatically. Next time you order a coffee at Mo´Joe try it without sugar first. We guarantee that you will find a sweetness from the roast and preparation that is noticeable in your cup.​